When did you start practicing yoga?
I started practicing yoga about 8 or more years ago – a natural progression from dancing as a child/adolescent/adult and long history in athletics (mostly competitive swimming that has led to triathlon training); my practice became an important part of recovery from injuries (e.g., knee surgery) and finding improved balance in mind/body/spirit.

Have you ever worked as a yoga instructor? If so, how long did you instruct and where?
In the spring of 2013 I became certified as a Hot Yoga instructor and taught for training purposes at Core Power Yoga Studio in Colorado (previously we practiced in Arizona, Utah, and England/UK). I’m eager to teach in the future; for now I instruct individuals about poses, practice, and meditation in my psychotherapy practice.

What are styles of yoga you have practiced or instructed?
I’ve practiced all styles of yoga with the most recent focus being traditional hot yoga. I’m certified to teach 60 and 90 Minute Hot Yoga and Hot Power Fusion.

What is your main or favorite style of yoga that you currently practice?
I enjoy all styles of yoga and recently have focused on hot yoga to assist with detoxification while training for an ironman and to assist with increased athleticism/stretching capacity. At times we enjoy a shift/change to a traditional vinyasa flow to strengthen the mindfulness of our practice.

If you feel comfortable sharing, what are some ways that yoga has impacted/changed your life?
Yoga has transformed my life in many incredible ways to include strength, compassion for myself and others, greater flexibility, improved performance in other facets of life, and a greater sense of peace and calmness in a world often full of overstimulation and chaos. Practicing yoga has been one of the best decisions of my life and for my marriage as we practice conjointly, often side by side, brining us more intimacy/closeness through a community of love and acceptance.


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